At The Fancy Schmancy Co. we produce creative accompaniments for entertaining and every day that are simple, wholesome and really fun.

Let's get Schmancy!

curious crackers for salads soups and snacking

Certified Organic Ingredients - Because, Mother Earth.

Intriguing Flavors made with Veggies, Whole Grains and Spices - Wholesome, yes. But, we need flavor too!

Unique Shapes - Food should be fun. Especially party food. 

Two Plant-Based Varieties - We heart the Vegan Schmegan crowd too. 


Why So Fancy Schmancy?

Hey! I'm Kathleen, And I love to throw a party. Good food first. From big family holidays to lunch meetings you actually want to attend. I am a hostess. I dance in the kitchen, can create magic with minimal ingredients, completely nerd out on obscure and organic food knowledge and smile in the face of culinary challenge. I've spent my career and life devoted to the art of creating, protecting and sharing good food. My refrigerator is never without a bottle of bubbly and a gooey cheese you wish you were eating right now. And I will happily teach you how to make that thing you saw on Instagram without a recipe.

After years of creating my own fancy accompaniments for cheese platters and being infatuated with the fun details of entertaining, I decided it was time to help others do the same. But, creative and delicious food doesn't have to mean pretentious. I believe good food should be playful and joyful and fun to share with others. And so, The Fancy Schmancy Co. was born. 

Our first products to launch are the line of Curious Crackers. But, stay tuned, friends... we have so many ideas to make your parties and every day meals simple, wholesome and really fun!


Kathleen - Co-Founder + CEO