At The Fancy Schmancy Co. we produce creative accompaniments for entertaining and every day that are simple, wholesome and really fun. Let's get Schmancy!

curious crackers for salads soups and snacking

Certified Organic Ingredients - Because, Mother Earth.

Intriguing Flavors made with Veggies, Whole Grains and Spices - Wholesome, yes. But, we need the flava too!

Unique Shapes - Food should be fun. Especially party food. 

Two Plant-Based Varieties - We heart the Vegan Schmegan crowd too. (and they are freakin yummy)



Kathleen + Svetlana


Kathleen knows how to throw a party. Good food first. From big family holidays to lunch meetings you actually want to attend. She is the hostess. A platter of meatballs and sauce or craft cocktails and fancy little bites, all will be well-fed. Kathleen dances in the kitchen, can create magic with minimal ingredients, completely nerds out on obscure and organic food knowledge and smiles in the face of culinary challenge. Her refrigerator is never without a bottle of bubbly and a gooey cheese you wish you were eating right now. And she will happily teach you how to make that thing you saw on Instagram without a recipe.


Svetlana understands the importance of simplicity amid the chaos of babies and hectic work schedules. But, even in the busy-ness of a growing family, good food and playful celebration are still a must. She grew up in Latvia with Russian family and totally squeals at the idea of beets, rye and anything pickled. Anything. Her husband’s family is Filipino so mixing up all the international flavors and party customs in a houseful of cousins and aunties happens at every birthday, holiday and Sunday (or Tuesday) dinner. Her table is always full of quality ingredients and happy guests.


This duo of lady bosses + food mavens met over a decade ago, leading teams stocking shelves, stacking vegetables and slinging cheese in the world of natural and organic food retail. They have been adventure buds and career sounding boards ever since. Dreamer + Doer. Creative + Efficient. Fancy + Schmancy. They are so excited to team up and help anyone and everyone entertain in a way that is simple, wholesome and really fun.

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